Dextrose Monohydrate (Food Grade)

Product description

It is obtained from the complete hydrolysis of starch. White crystalline, free flowing powder Free from dirt and any foreign material and any hardened lumps.


Packing Description:

25Kg. net multi-walled paper sacks with inner polythene bag. Following deatails shall be clearly printed on each out sack by manufacturer. Loose paper labels or stickers are not acceptable.

  • Supplier name and address
  • Product identification
  • Brand name\trade name
  • Net content
  • Batch\lot no
  • Date of manufacture
  • Date of expiry

Sacks should be properly sealed and airtight. Metal clips, plastic clips staple pins are not allowed. there should not be any accumulated dirt on the starch line. Packing should be suitable to avaoid the moisture pick up during storage.